Heena Jaiswal


Heena Jaiswal – 2 year experience ,    Yoga started as a practice for myself, without really aiming at something. It was then after a few years of dedicated practice that I thought this yoga knowledge should not be limited to myself. I had seen miracles happening in my daily yoga class, with people recovering from ailments, these were people whose story I knew personally. This happened over time though, neither in a day, nor in a week. All I knew for myself was, I would smile with peace in my heart after the class and at the very thought of yoga practice any time during the day!

I am trained with Kumaun University (Nainital) Uttarakhand(Master in yoga) to deepen my practice and give people the wonderful gift of yoga along with its beautiful benefits.

 class flow:

We begin the session with some warm-up and conscious breathing, followed by Surya Namaskar, which is good to practice every day for beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners.

We’ll do some energising asanas and wrap up with Pranayama and guided relaxation. This session is a slow to medium paced Hatha Yoga class.

Anyone who wants to build their immunity, lose weight, wants to fight ailments like PCOD/Thyroid etc must do these yoga classes.

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