In Life, Hidden in the Forces that pull us Down, is the Energy to lift us Up! —-Christopher Harrison


Gravity is constantly pulling us down, but we are continuously finding ways to what it takes us to get up. Within all the challenges of life we discover the more of what we are. We strive and we win.


Keeping in mind the spirit to fly high with all our hopes and ambitions, Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy has launched the one of its kind of Yoga which is about defying the gravity and fly like a bird. Aerial Yoga also referred to as AntiGravity® Yoga or Flying Bird Yoga.


Aerial Yoga was created and founded by aerial performer, Christopher Harrison, in New York and now is practiced in several countries across the world. Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy has its new studio in Kasavanahalli which is well equipped and has experts Gurus in Aerial Yoga to guide you through the practice.


A true Yogi believes in crossing all the barriers. He strives to reach higher and higher. Keeping in mind the nature of Yoga practitioners and the urge to go deeper in Yogic practices, at Chaitanya Wellness we have incorporated the latest form of Yoga, Aerial Yoga as one of the sessions in our regular weekday classes. It is designed for beginners as well as intermediate Yoga practitioners.

Aerial Yoga is a concept of performing Yogasana and Pilates poses in an aerially suspended hammock made out of silk. This specially designed hammock takes the weight of the hips, waist and the trunk. It helps you to sway and adds diversity to your routine Yoga workout. It makes it more interesting and gives you far more reasons of not skipping your Yoga classes.


Aerial Yoga is mostly beneficial for back related issues, as it assists in decompressing the spine and relaxes it. It is specially good and advisable for people suffering from back pain and sciatica. Aerial Yoga helps to increase the core strength and flexibility, improves blood circulation, boosts digestion and is a great mood lifter. It helps to create a sense of balance in the suspended inversion postures.

The specially designed studio at Chaitanya Wellness Yoga Academy ensures all parameters of safety, while performing Aerial Yoga under the supervision of expert Yoga Gurus.

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