Sachhi Danand


I am Sachhidanand Lodhi from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. You can call me SACHIN.

I am Sachhidanand Lodhi from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. You can call me SACHIN.
Highly Motivated and Energetic Yoga Instructor who is comfortable working with people of all ages and has deep knowledge about ASANA (Advanced Yoga Ability and Techniques), as well as Relaxation and Breathing Techniques. My classes are always physically and mentally challenging though you guys will get there eventually. I aim to live a Yogic lifestyle and lead my classes in a way that reflects that choice. Come to my knowledge I hold a Graduate Degree from Dr. Harisingh Gour University & Post Graduate Degree in Yoga in Gwalior under LNIPE (Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education). Completed 7(Seven) Days National Workshop on Traditional Yoga and Yoga Therapy from LNIPE. Holding 4(Four) National Certificates of Inter University Sports Participation from different universities. I also participated in International Day of Yoga also came 1st in the Competition its not the last though. I am working as teacher in this field for 8 month , Training and Coaching numerous yoga enthusiasts. I have conducted many workshops in India. Currently, I am serving chaitanya yoga wellness center Bangalore for the last 8 months. I believe YOGA bonds our mind and soul and helps us to bring out the Focused, Disciplined and Well-Maintained Human form of a Human Being. Come and join me to enjoy the ride that I have ridden these past few years and give me the opportunity to share my knowledge with you all. “The Mind can go in a thousand direction, but on this beautiful path of YOGA I walk in PEACE”.

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