How To Treat Hypothyroid And Get Weight Loose


Today i am talking about HYPOTHYROID and WEIGHT LOSS MYTH.
Many clients come and told me she is gaining weight bcoz of thyroid and i tried many diet n exercise but i cant loose my weight.
So don’t have still hope to loosing weight.
First of all i wanna tell you basics of hypothyroidism. T4 and T3 is a main players of thyroid hormone. Thyroid gland is controlled by pituitary first pituitary glad get signal from TSH and then pituitary stimulate thyroid to produce T4,T3 .
now thyroid need iodine and tyrosine to produce T4 and T3.
So tyrosin+ iodine= normal functioning thyroid hormones (helps crucial to optimize metabolism). Means if metabolism works well FAT BURNS well.

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