How Yoga Helps For To- Be Mom ( Part II )

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Deepti Kharbandha

Childbirth, also known as the rebirth of the woman; that’s not just folklore. A woman’s body undergoes so much in this process that it’s hard to comprehend how nature has designed this process to be self guided.

However, given the sedentary lifestyle, our questionable eating habits and rising stress levels; normal active pregnancy and normal vaginal birth (NVB) is not a nature’s norm anymore but a wishful miracle for most.

Hence, Prenatal Yoga becomes an important element in this beautiful yet, complex journey to motherhood.[/vc_column_text]


For ladies proficient in Yoga, to those who have never worked out in their life, this practice is for all. It focuses on building stamina, helps focus on breathing and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Unfortunately not many doctors in India stress on the importance of these vital learnings.

For a first time mother, the value of these exercises is mostly learnt during delivery or post partum, which is ironic.

The invaluable importance of breathing cannot be stressed enough on. While, we feel that breathing is the most natural phenomenon; breathing RIGHT is something we almost always forget when under physical strain. This single most vital activity can decide the endurance of labour for a lady!

Prenatal Yoga focuses on teaching the practice of right breathing while the lady moves swiftly through specially designed exercises. These exercises help build strength of upper body, thighs, pelvis and most importantly practising mental peace.

Why upper body you may wonder ? Ask a lady who comes out of a normal vaginal delivery and she will tell you what it takes to hold yourself up while a team of doctors ask you to push an entire human out of you!

Why thighs and pelvis? We know that this region takes the maximum beating during a childbirth. However it’s unbelievable how many ladies continue living with leaking bladders and assume it to be a way of life as a mother! Simple Kegel exercises help in recovering from birth trauma. These basic exercises single handed help return the strength and form of vaginal and bladder muscles!

Why mental stamina? No matter what you rehearse, read or practice. It finally comes down to believing that you can do it! As scary as NVB may seem, half the work is done by a calm and happy mind which is conditioned with meditation and yoga.

I had a regular, stressful software job and medical history of PCOD since several years which always kept me in the threat of infertility. Irregular periods and lifestyle stress contributed to my inability to conceive till the age of 32. However I had always been an active person. I practised yoga, aerobics, walked, ate healthy and meditated too.

My pregnancy happened by chance and brought with it 20 weeks of nerve wracking nausea reducing my weight by four kgs. But from week 21, I joined Prenatal Yoga At Chaitanya wellness and continued till by 38th week. My son was born with NVB at a healthy weight of 3.11 Kgs.


I cannot say enough about prenatal yoga and the extreme benefits. I started doing prenatal yoga at the middle of my second trimester, and it is easy! I used to have cramping and swelling in my leg but yoga helped me a lot in getting relief . This is really exciting because the cramping would get so bad I wondered if I would be able to walk.


Also, I find the breathing techniques very helpful at the time of labour. This is my first child, and I plan to have a natural birth. I have been told that labor is faster when mom has practiced yoga due to stronger “pushing” muscles and I found this true after my baby is born through normal delivery.I would like to thank Shreya for pushing me so much towards yoga. I will strongly suggest adding prenatal yoga to all the things you do for the health of your baby. It’s like prenatal vitamins, but also has a calming effect:)

Thanks to all our lovely students who send us their precious and valuable stories. Surely these stories really help to other ladies too 🙂


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey with little physical, emotional inconvenience. To overcome that yoga gives its hands to travel along with you for making your transformation successful. Mother and baby will have an easy, comfortable, healthy pregnancy and labor.


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