Jal -Neti, The Yogic Cleansing of your sinuses

“JALA” means water and NETI means “to guide”. JALA NETI means guiding water through the nasal passages to cleanse them. A natural technique used by the yogis to stay disease free and most importantly to use the breath well for their yogic practices without any blocks. It is all about nasal hygiene just like brushing teeth is about dental hygiene. It is a technique used to clean the sinuses.

The sinuses are a connected system of hollow cavities is about an inch across. Our cheekbones hold maxillary sinuses.  The sinus cavities get clogged with impurities which may cause infections and other problems. Nasal hygiene is very important as it is linked to many conditions like sinusitis, migraine, allergies and asthma. This has to be done in daily routine.[/vc_column_text]

  • Fill the NETI POT with warm water of a temperature suitable for pouring in the nose.
  • Mix in the salt to the proportion of one – level teaspoon for half a liter of water. Mix the salt thoroughly. Taste the water and spit- adjust if not correct. Fully mix and dissolve the salt.
  • Place the neti cone of the neti pot into the right nostril, sealing it to the nostril with a few twists and slight pressure. Try to point out the spout straight up in line with the nasal passage so as to block the tip of the nozzle by the inside of the nose. Open your mouth and breathe gently through the mouth. Do not sniff, swallow, laugh, talk or have any movement of air through the nose while water is flowing through.
  • Before changing sides, blow out gently through both nostrils to clear water and mucus from the nose. It is important that you do not blow hard at this point or you will send water up into the ear tubes and sinuses. All that needed is a couple of slow, soft blows out into the sink to remove the water in the nose.
  • Repeat the steps as above, but with the nose cone entering from the nostril and the flow of water going left to right. After the pot runs dry, stand up, blow out gently through both nostrils and then prepare to dry out the nose.
  • If after doing the above step is still a mucus blockage, the whole process may be repeated several times until it clears. If you regularly need to do several pots to effectively clear nasal mucus, it is easiest to mix several liters of solution in a bowl beforehand.
  • Always do half a part right to left, then half a pot left to right. Repeating this sequence is better than doing on whole pot in each direction, and taking a break to refill in between sides it is also gives the mucus a better chance to dissolve and exit more quickly.
  • It removes all the dirt and bacteria filled mucus from within the nose.
  • It helps in draining the sinus cavities.
  • It is beneficial for illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis as it reduces the tendency for mouth breathing by freeing the nostrils of mucus.
  • It cools and soothes the brain by drawing out excessive heat and is therefore beneficial for headaches, migraine, epilepsy, depression and general mental tension.
  • It is benefit for the problems associated with the eyes. It helps flush the tear ducts encouraging clearer vision and gives a sparkle to the eyes.
  • It can be beneficial for certain types of disorders such as middle ear infections, glue ear, tinitis.
  • Neti improves sensitivity of the olfactory nerves helping to restore the lost sense of smell, and thereby benefits the relationship with taste and the digestive processes.
  • It helps to stimulate the better powers of visualization and concentration gives a feeling of lightness and clarity to the mind.
  • Neti is excellent for those trying who try to quit smoking.
  • Neti affects the psychic centre known as Ajna chakra which helps in awakening higher sates of meditation.

The Jal Neti cannot be performed when suffering from chronic bleeding of the nose, any type of nose infection. The water should not be too hot or too cold.


Detoxifying body is very important because when you eliminate the foreign particles you will be half healthy. This JAL NETI is an important method to protect our body, so try to include this in your daily routine to have healthy life.


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