Yoga for Better Sleep


After 8-10 hours of office work, household duties and studying we come at last to our bed. A relaxation time is our sleep time. May be some of them will have emotional stress, work stress, studies stress or any other type of problems which may interrupt your sleep or you will got sleep. For that and also to improve sleep we have certain asanas to do before going to bed. Let us see what are they.[/vc_column_text]

  • Stand tall with your feet straight feet in front of you, heels firmly on the floor, and hands at your hips.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale
  • Slowly bend forward from your hips. Move your torso down so your hands meet your feet; make sure there’s open space between your torso and your knees.
  • Keep your knees straight as possible and bring your palms or finger tips to the floor in front of or on the sides of your feet. If you are unable to touch your feet, cross your forearms and hold opposite elbows with your hands.
  • Count at least 6 breaths. As you inhale, slightly lift your torso, and as you exhale, release your body deeper into forward bend, letting your head and neck hang.
  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and feel flat
  • Start rolling your knees towards the right side of your body with your left side and press down your knees with your right hand to deepen the stretch.
  • Hold this position and count six breaths, gently inhaling and exhaling.
  • Repeat sequence on the left side of your body.
  • Sit facing a wall with your butt about 6 inches away from it.
  • Lie back and extend your legs up the wall.
  • If this is too intense a stretch for your hamstrings, side your butt farther away from the wall.
  • If it’s not enough, scoot closer.
  • Let your arms rest by your sides, palms facing up and breathe gently, feeling the stretch in the backs of your legs.
  • Sit up comfortably on your heels.
  • Roll your torso forward, bringing your forehead to rest on the bed in front of you.
  • Lower your chest as close to your knees as you comfortably can, extending your arms in front of you.
  • Hold the pose and breathe.
  • Sit on the floor, bend both knees and bring your feet together.
  • Using your hands, open your feet up like a book, pressing your knees toward the floor with your elbows.
  • Stay here for 10 breaths.
  • Lie on your back, hug knees in to chest.
  • Cross your ankles and wrap both arms around your shins with clasped hands.
  • Inhale and rock your body up to sit; exhale as you roll back.
  • Continue for 1 minute, then roll back, extend arms and legs, and drift off to sleep.


To get rid of all worries you should have a best sleep. To have that you should try those asanas which will give you a calm mind, boost your nervous system and stimulates your brain for good sleep. Hope you will try and enjoy it.


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